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The sustainable processing of agricultural byproducts is one of the most significant challenges facing farming and food processing operations. At CleanCoast Renewables, a subsidiary of CleanBay Renewables, we believe our process to convert poultry litter into renewable natural gas (RNG) and organic fertilizer will protect the environment, provide an economic boost to local communities and deliver renewable power and gas you can count on.

Our Leadership Team

Thomas Spangler

Thomas Spangler
Executive Chairman

  • Former senior Department of Defense official and electrical engineer​
  • Entrepreneur, startup investor, and advisor to multiple defense, aerospace and investment concerns​
  • Co-founder of CleanBay Renewables​
  • Principal at Velos and Spangler Strategic Advisors
Donal Buckley

Donal Buckley
Chief Executive Officer

  • Over 20 years of international corporate experience (14 years in biomass)​
  • Prior CEO experience in AD​
  • Completed an executive education program at Stanford GSB​
  • Biomass industry veteran with scientific background​
  • International project finance experience
Jason Levine

Jason Levine
Chief Business Officer ​& GC

  • Over 30 years of finance and growth stage operating experience including roles of CEO, CFO, General Counsel, and corporate development executive
  • Held senior positions a Boston University’s Community Technology Fund, FBR, Tucker Anthony and Merrill Lynch​
  • Co-founder of CleanBay Reneawbles
Kevin Hill

Kevin Hill
Chief Financial Officer

  • Over 20 years of commercial real estate private equity and investment management experience with companies, including:​
    • Continental Reality Corporation​
    • Javelin 19 Investments
    • The Meridian Group​
    • New York Life Investment Management​
Kristi Shaw

Dr. Kristi Shaw
Director of Environmental & Regulatory Compliance

  • Over 13 years of research experience in organizations like the Maryland Department of Natural Resources
  • Completed her Ph.D. in a microbial ecology laboratory, where she investigated bacterial community composition in collaboration with a NOAA Assessment of Chesapeake Bay sub-estuaries​​
Dr. Shawn Freitas

Dr. Shawn Freitas
Chief Technology Officer

  • Professional Experience in a variety of organizations related to petroleum and renewable fuel/chemical production​
  • Ex TRI, owner of the largest Fischer Tropsch biorefinery in North America​
  • Considerable experience with lab and commercial-scale biomass and waste conversion technologies and analysis
Bryan Train

Bryan Train
Chief Integration Officer

  • Over 20 years of international corporate and start-up experience​
  • Led international business development for Globomass​
  • Managing Director of the Worsham Group​
  • Co-founder and director of Asha Zuri Participacoes
  • Executive positions at Coloplast, GMAC and DuPont de Nemours
Courtney Spangler

Courtney Spangler
Director of Government Affairs

  • Over 20 years of experience advising on environmental stewardship and economic development matters
  • Prior experience as a land use expert for development portfolios and has advised on communication strategy and marketing
Alan Gilbert

Alan Gilbert
Chief Operations Officer

  • More than 20 years of international corporate experience (14 years in renewables and biomass)
  • Prior senior management in the agri-food sector
  • Successfully restructured a Latvian biomass business and established the AD division, which became one of the top AD solutions providers into the UK.



CleanCoast Renewables is working with local poultry associations and county representatives to determine site locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Alabama.

As a subsidiary of CleanBay Renewables, the planned CleanCoast facilities will mirror its parent company’s facilities currently under development in Maryland, Delaware and California but be customized to fit the region’s needs.

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